Overcharching corporate responsibilities and futuristic manufacturing

The Centre of Excellence in Wolfsburg designs and plans innovative car seating systems for global markets. As many as 3,800 assembly-ready seat sets are produced daily in its modern manufacturing plant, and supplied just-in-sequence to customer assembly lines.

Approximately 1,810 employees work in three shifts on several production lines that are laid out in accordance with the latest technical standards. Work cycles are determined according to customer needs. The lead time to obtain seat sets for a given car model is four hours. Once a supply order is received for specified seat sets, the plant then demands the required seat covers.

At that point, foam pads and trim covers are assembled to the seat metal structures at the Polish plant in Polkowice, the car seats are equipped and finished at various assembly stations precisely according to the customer’s requirements – whether luxury versions with electric seat adjustment, heating and leather covers or standard versions for base models. Front-seat head restraints are also manufactured. Once the seat set is complete, it is loaded onto a palette and transported by lorry directly to the customer’s assembly line.

Key figures

Employees incl. headquarters 1,700
Production space 30,000 sq m
Daily output 3,800 car sets

Systematic quality management: The Wolfsburg site is VDA 6.1:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 certified
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Wolfsburg: Germany’s automotive capital

SITECH’s executive offices, central administrative offices and its Wolfsburg plant are combined on one site

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