From metal structures to complete car seats

Our plant in China has become an all-round talent. In order to work together with our customers on new products, the Shanghai team has complemented complex production facilities with a fast growing technical development operation. Both seat structures and complete car seats are produced under one roof.

Shanghai, the most important economic centre in China, is the home of SITECH Dongchang. Founded in 2004, our joint-venture business moved into a newly built facility in 2008, equipped with the most modern technology. Our employees deliver complete car seats just-in-time to our customer Shanghai Volkswagen.

The requisite seat structures are mostly self-produced within our manufacturing complex (ca. 20,000 sq m).

In order to produce car seats of the highest quality, advanced 3D measuring devices and a multi-functional testing facility are employed.

Key figures

Employees 815
Production space 20,000 sq m
Daily output 700 car sets
2,200 components

Shanghai: China’s leading business metropolis is an ideal location to gain access to Far Eastern markets

A wide range of capabilities in Baoshan, Shanghai. Finished car seats are built from frameworks manufactured on-site

Production takes place with modern equipment in new facilities