Our best efforts produce the best products

SITECH customers are entitled to products of the highest quality. The quality of our delivery service is no less important. We make every effort to meet these demands, and ensure that all our customers are completely satisfied.

At SITECH, we are driven by the need for constant improvement. Together we design and manufacture innovative products that afford superior, safer seating. We are also permanently striving to improve operational processes. By producing robust, durable, high-quality goods at an impressively reasonable price, our work has constant value.

We are constantly aware that assuming and carrying out personal responsibility is the essential requirement for high productivity. This accountability is demonstrated day in and day out – by each of us in his respective roles, and together as a team.

Seat manufacture is a demanding job: we welcome this challenge everyday
Manufacturing seats
Separate workstation
As a team and at every work station: we’re only satisfied once we’ve found the best solution
Team meeting